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Connecting and Empowering Parents Across Chicago and Illinois

Raise Your Hand for Illinois Public Education engages, informs and empowers parents to protect and strengthen public education for all children in Chicago and Illinois, eliminate inequities in public schools, and work at the grassroots for the public good that is public education.

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    This Week in Ed 8.17.18: Alarming report on CPS sex abuse released this afternoon

    This was a big week for ed news in Chicago and IL! We urge you to continue to read or carve out some time this weekend to sit back and catch up on all the news.   This afternoon, the draft report entitled “Preventing and Responding to Sexual Misconduct against Students in Chicago Public Schools” was released. It was authored by Maggie Hickey who was hired by CPS to review the handling of sexual abuse allegations and to make policy recommendations. You can find the full report in this Chalkbeat Chicago article: Leadership instability atop Chicago schools contributed to mishandling of student sex cases: report.
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    This Week in Ed 8.10.18: Parents Testify at Student Data Privacy Subject Matter Hearing

    Thanks to all of you who came out to the student-data privacy hearing this past Tuesday in the IL House Cybersecurity Committee! There were quite a few parents in attendance and several who testified. RYH Action pushed for this hearing because they have been trying to get a simple data privacy bill passed and have come up against serious opposition from the ed tech lobby and school management groups. We believe parents have a right to know what data is being collected on our children, how it’s being used, and the ability to correct it if it’s wrong, and we don’t think tech companies should be able to profit by selling our kids’ data to entities for marketing purposes. We also think stronger protections are needed to secure our students’ data. These are just some of the data privacy issues that we’re trying to bring to light.
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