• Infographic

    Subpar Clinician Positions at CPS

  • Special Education Toolkit for Parents

    What to do and whom to reach out to: non-profit organizations, advocates, attorneys.

  • Nearly 13,000 empty seats in Chicago charter schools

    More than 1,000 more since 2014

  • Handouts from our Special Education Forum

    October 25, 2016

  • Infographic: CPS School Budgets Still A Concern

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Connecting and Empowering Parents Across Chicago and Illinois

We are a coalition of parents and concerned citizens who advocate for quality public education for all children in Chicago and Illinois. Our mission is to help parents become advocates for their children by providing information on policies that impact them, building networks to share ideas, and creating tools to elicit change.

Our research

Budget cuts    Standardized testing    Class sizes

  • Latest from the blog

    Unelected BOE Statements 2.22.17

    Below are statements made by several CPS parents at February's unelected BOE meeting.
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    RYH statement on mid-year budget cuts

    We have many questions about how the proposed cuts were determined, and why schools receiving Title 1 and SGSA funds received disproportionately higher cuts. While we agree strongly that the state must do a better job of funding education equitably, and should provide pension parity, CPS has to improve their practices of funding schools equitably within the district and creating policies that impact schools fairly.
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