Take Action Tuesday - 5/31/16

Dear Parents,

We need parents to take action Tuesday, May 31. Please visit your state legislators’ offices to push for revenue solutions to fund an education budget. Here are short answers to frequent questions:

“Why do this now?”
May 31st is a critical deadline in Springfield. While there are different education proposals floating around Springfield, there is likely nothing that is going to pass both chambers by the end of Springfield’s session, May 31st.

Legislators need to keep hearing from you.

Budget Crisis 2016: Town Hall Budget Meetings Hosted by CPS

By crowd sourcing on social media, our parent members have helped us compile a list of Town Hall Budget Meetings hosted by CPS. As of 10:30pm on Thursday, May 19, we here at Raise Your Hand could not locate a list on the CPS website (or find any of these meetings listed in their calendar located on their website) nor could we find a list of Town Hall Budget Meetings on any CPS social media. We will try to update as we receive information. Your best bet to find this information is via your school.

Monday, May 23, 7:00pm, Agassiz Elementary, 2851 N. Seminary

Save Our Schools 2016: Resources for Parents

Parents are learning of potential disastrous budget cuts coming for the 2016-17 school year. Below are links to resources that we've developed over the past year to help you understand how we got into this situation and to give you advocacy tools and ideas.

Please use these resources to educate other parents and concerned community members, then, let's work together to push for revenue and sustainable solutions for our kids, our schools and our district.

Recap of RYH meeting with CPS regarding Assessment - 5/11/16

A small group of parents met with CPS and outlined the host of problems with PARCC, the general vagueness of any standardized assessment data in schools, and the general lack of "balanced assessment"​ in practice- meaning, when school leveling and educator evaluation is tied to standardized tests, that's where the focus shifts at the school level. Parents pointed out that the School Quality Rating Policy's (SQRP) NWEA MAP focus is not a true reflection of what is happening in our schools. 


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