NEW POST! An Update: CPS "Outreach" Meetings for the 2018 Preliminary Draft Educational Facilities Master Plan (EFMP)

This is a new post which UPDATES the information shared in our original post: CPS "Outreach" Meetings for the 2018 Preliminary Draft Educational Facilities Master Plan (EFMP).

Does it often feel that there is just no overall facilities plan for CPS? 

Many parents, students, teachers, and community groups have felt the same way over many decades and many fought for a law passed in 2011. This law (PA 097-0474) requires CPS to provide plans for capital spending and to have a 10-year Educational Facilities Master Plan (EFMP).

One was written and “implemented” in 2013. (Please note that many capital projects and school actions that have occurred since the 2013 EFMP was approved by our unelected BOE can not be found in the 2013 EFMP.) An update to the EFMP is required after 5 years and CPS recently published a 2018 Preliminary Draft EFMP Update.

We are working on a more extensive webpage that will provide additional links & will explain all of the above a little bit better. 

This post is really a HEADS UP that CPS will be discussing this 2018 Preliminary Draft EFMP at "Outreach" meetings- see the meeting schedule below. These meetings start on Monday, June 11, and continue at various dates & times through Wednesday, June 27. 

The below chart is an updated "Outreach" meeting schedule. As of right now (June 11, 2018; 9:00pm), CPS has not updated this on their web page BUT someone sent RYH 3 different charts that we put together into 1 chart. Please see below for the new schedule (there are only a few changes from the original)- do check if you intend to attend. You can find a pdf of this schedule here

Please note: these are NOT meetings just for the 2018 EFMP. These are regularly scheduled CPS meetings (PAC Collaboratives; CACs; LSC Advisory Board; etc.) which are public meetings- open to the public and subject to the Open Meetings Act (OMA). The 2018 EFMP will be on the agenda. A 15 minute overview of the 2018 EFMP will be given by CPS Central Office staff and you may be able to ask questions or make comments. Please see below for a report from the first meeting held on June 11.

Also note: Not every community has a CAC and not every school falls into a traditional Network. We have no idea how or if CPS is hosting meetings geared toward the following networks which are not included in the below schedule: AUSL, Options, ISP, and Fellows. You can see a list of schools by network here.  

You can find the 2018 Preliminary Draft EFMP here.

The above link & many more facilities links can be found here on CPS' Facility Standards webpage

UPDATE: The Network 3,5- PAC/PLN Collaborative was NOT at Dyett HS as listed in the chart below and as listed in the original meeting schedule. It was held at Michele Clark HS. We did try to get this clarified & corrected while at the "outreach" meeting yesterday, June 11. As of June 12, 2018, 10:20am, the original meeting schedule is still linked on the CPS web page.

UPDATE: On June 12, 2018, at around 2:00pm, CPS updated their "outreach" meeting schedule to reflect the one below.

UPDATE: We hear no one from CPS showed up to present the 2018 EFMP at the Network 13 - PAC/PLN Collaborative meeting on Thursday, June 14. 

UPDATE: At some point between June 14 and June 26, CPS posted a new schedule without announcement and cancelled the Network 6 meeting. See more details far below. 



We attended the Humboldt Park CAC meeting on June 11. Kudos to this CAC and Blocks Together for asking some great questions and pointing out some examples of facilities and planning concerns in their area. Here's our report from this meeting:

The first thing to note is that the times posted as the meeting times for the EFMP "Outreach" meeting may not match the time of the actual scheduled meeting. The meeting we attended today was the West Humboldt Park CAC meeting. Technically it started at 12:00. BUT the "Outreach" meeting chart states that the meeting started at 1:00. We arrived at exactly 1:00 and the EFMP 15 min presentation started promptly at 1:00 on the dot. If you plan to attend one of these meetings, see if you can find out from CPS when the actual meeting starts OR be right on time.

You may want to check the FACE2 Facebook events page- we just discovered that they have CAC & PAC/PLN meetings as FB events. You might also want to check out this FACE2 CAC web page.

After the 15 min presentation, Jimm Dispensa (CPS demographics & person who gave the presentation) answered questions for 35 min. Note: There were 7 other CPS CO people in the room plus a couple of FACE people but Jimm was basically the only one who spoke about the 2018 EFMP.

Questions/comments that came up that are noteworthy...

From CPS: CPS facilities are to be assessed every 2 years. The last assessment was done in 2015 b/c this process was suspended due to budget concerns. They might restart the every 2 years assessment process next year. 

From attendee: Where can I find a list of capital needs priorities? Do you have a list of what capital needs will be addressed next so communities know & there is transparency? And is there somewhere I can find the capital investments and amounts per school?

There was a discussion about the recently passed (though not signed by Governor yet) CPS facilities bill that will give communities the opportunity to think about what schools & communities can do as schools lose enrollment- can they add programming or get investments to attract more students? Can CPS establish a Joint Use policy so community needs can be met by using school space for things such as health centers?

From attendee: How come charters/choice schools/options schools aren't part of this overall plan? To plan in the CAC we need that information. 2 charters were added to our community and no one even told the CAC. Shouldn't this all be working together?

From a few attendees: What other community engagement is on the horizon? How will you be engaging LSCs? Principals? Students? CPS was reminded by an attendee that last time they sent a survey to LSCs & principals and held community meetings so people could go on record with their facility needs. What is the timeline for community engagement & when is the final 2018 EFMP due? (The answer to that last ques is July 1, 2018, BTW.)

There were questions about the space utilization formula.

Chalkbeat Chicago was there and they interviewed a few attendees who had commented during the meeting.


Not part of the meeting but definitely an article related to all of the above:

WBEZ: Chicago Schools Need $3 Billion In Repairs, Yet CPS Spends Big On New Construction

Please tweet pictures of your school's critical repair needs to @WBEZEducation. 


UPDATE: No one from CPS showed up to the Network 6 meeting scheduled for June 26, 2018 (see schedule above). A community member went to Smyth ES to attend the scheduled meeting to participate in the EFMP "outreach" but the school told her the meeting had been cancelled. On June 26, we looked at the meeting schedule again and saw that a change had been made. The Network 6 meeting was no longer on the schedule. As far as we know the community was not informed of the change but for a change in the below chart. We did ask CPS via Twitter but received no response. New schedule here: