Fundraiser Goal Met! $10,000 Donation Secured! 😊 Cheers to YOU!

YOU CAME THROUGH- via 50 (YES, FIFTY!) online donors we raised an additional $3300+, exceeding our fundraiser goal AND earning that $10,000 donation to pay our rent for a year!!! 

Our small office in a co-working building was an instrumental piece to our special education advocacy this past year- it was a central meeting place for parents and advocates. We continue to use our office to bring parents together to inform & strengthen our work and to collectively advocate for strengthening public education for all children. Thank you!!!

Last night we sent an email from our fundraiser. In it we shared the following:

We have a great opportunity! We are at our fundraiser. We have a donor here who will give $10,000 to cover our rent for next year IF we raise $20,000 tonight. We are within $3000! Can you donate tonight? No donation too small!Please donate here. Thanks!!!

Whether you gave $10, $25, $100, or $500, every dollar makes such a difference to RYH's work! 

Didn't donate yet & want to join in during this epic moment? 😊 No worries! We are always accepting donations. You can make a one time donation here or become a radical recurring donor here

Wow! We are just so grateful to all of you! Thanks to everyone who was able to make it out to our amazing fundraiser last night and thanks to everyone who made a donation to support our fundraiser! We are also thankful to all of you who read our emails, share our work, like a Facebook post, give us input and share your stories, attend our forums or workshops, and tell others about us! All of your support means so much to us and helps to keep us going AND growing!

Check out the super cool RYH slide show we played at the fundraiser. Here's that donation link again! We really do so much on such a small budget. Imagine what we could do if we had a budget to match the actual amount of work we do...

We Raise a Hand and Glass to YOU! Cheers!