This week's schedule for Elected School Board Campaign

here are two ways you can help:

1) Meet up with us either;

Monday - 7/9 Bridgeport - 6:45pm - Bridgeport Coffee (31st and Morgan)

Thursday 7/12 - West Lakeview - 7pm - Paulina/Barry

Saturday 7/15 10am - Andersonville 5400 N. Clark

OR) if you want to handle your own precinct, email us and we will prepare a petition for you. We will give you instructions on how to collect signatures.

This is a precinct not citywide campaign. We are working with a coalition CODE to put this on the November ballot as an advisory referendum. We think the discussion should be had and the question asked - what kind of school board do we want for our kids at Chicago Public schools? We will likely be having a forum this summer to discuss this topic, too.

Check out the CODE website:

Email us to get plugged in ! We have a lot of work to do this month!

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