This Week in Ed 5.17.18: State takes control of CPS Special Education

The state voted yesterday to appoint an independent monitor to oversee almost all aspects of CPS’ special education. Please read this entire email... We need you to Grow With Us for more wins in public education!

RYH is proud to be part of the Advocates group that called for this public inquiry by ISBE after the WBEZ investigation. There will be a lot of work ahead to ensure that this monitor has the staff necessary to do their job, which involves 21 different roles.

Thanks to the parents who drove to Springfield yesterday to testify at the ISBE Board meeting, and all the parents connected with RYH and otherwise, who filled out affidavits, spoke at the ISBE hearings, and worked tirelessly with the other Advocate groups on this!


Thanks also to the IL House for holding extensive hearings on this. Representative Crespo said at a press conference yesterday that he may file legislation to cover remedies not included by ISBE.


WBEZ: State Strips CPS Of Control Of Special Education

WTTW: State Board Approves Special Special Education Monitor, Reforms for CPS  


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