The Weekly Ed Update- 7.28.17: CPS school-level budgets finally released

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CPS school level-budgets finally released

Schools finally received their budgets this week, and we’ve been trying to sort through what actually happened with budgets versus what the CPS press releases say. It appears that schools got an overall small increase in Student-Based Budgeting (SBB) funds of $200/student but this is needed to cover contractually-obligated teacher raises and benefits.

Sun-Times: CPS expects 8,000 fewer students; per-pupil spending to increase $200

WBEZ: Chicago’s Latino High Schools Face Big Drops In Enrollment - and Funding

DNAinfoCPS Will Spend More Cash On Kids Next Year — Whether Rauner Likes It Or Not

In addition, many parents have reported to us that their actual school budget does not match what was reported in the media, with some LSC members saying they lost up to 10% of their budget while papers reported an increase of 3%.

While there were some victories for special education funding, there were still some cuts. The good news is that CPS has decided not to commingle funds anymore, thanks in part to all the advocacy of the sped task force and the letter that over 500 LSC members signed to the mayor about this. CPS did find a way to make cuts to special education by basing funding on salary averages.  Many schools are having to choose again to fund special ed or general ed due to this cut.

WTTW: CPS Making ‘Major Changes’ To Special Ed Funding

So what can you do?

  • Organize ward nights at your school and make visits to your aldermen to ask them what the plan is for local revenue. As the state sorts out the education funding formula bill, we know that even if SB1 passes, CPS still won’t be able to fully fund our schools.

  • Share Raise Your Hand Action’s new SB1 factsheet with your friends, especially those in IL outside of Chicago, to let them know that CPS is not getting their fair share from the state: Collection notice to RaunerGovernor Rauner still wants to veto SB1 because he says CPS gets too much. We’ve done the math and found that CPS is being shorted over $400M just this year.  


Unelected BOE coverage

The Board did not present on the budget this month and will present their budget in August. Many people were at the Board to discuss the NTA/South Loop issue.  Thanks to parents Andrea Tolzmann and Jen Jones for speaking at the BOE this month. You can read their statements here.

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