The Weekly Ed Update- 6.30.17: No budget yet in Springfield, even for K-12 education

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No budget yet in Springfield even for K-12 education

The budget impasse continues in Springfield with legislators in “special” session this week. The House finally passed a budget this week, and the Senate passed a budget a few weeks ago, but reports indicate that the goalposts keep changing, and the General Assembly may end the fiscal year without passing a budget AGAIN.

The state has not had a comprehensive budget for over two years, and the only portion of the budget they have passed has been for K-12 education. This year, they haven’t even passed that. Many school districts will need this money to open in the fall, other school districts have enough funding from property tax dollars that they will be okay. Either way, the state must pass a budget with revenue ASAP!

Regarding the school funding bill, SB1, the Governor is still saying he will veto it because Chicago kids get too much. Meanwhile, the Center for Tax and Budget Accountability

(CTBA) shared data this week showing the massive pension disparity in coverage from the state for Chicago Pensions (CTPF) and the rest of the state’s pensions (TRS). The state is covering about $2000 per student for non-Chicago students and only $33 for Chicago students!

CTBA report: How much are state pension payments worth to Illinois school districts?

Good recap by Curtis Black of the Chicago ReporterBudget war ‘compromises’ don’t address underlying fiscal crisis

Board meeting recap

RYH testified at the unelected BOE meeting this week about the need for the district to have a fair and transparent facilities planning process.  By law, CPS is supposed to adhere to a 10 year-facilities plan and to provide the public with space utilization data every year, and they are out of compliance for both. Read Joy Clendenning’s statement here.

Coverage of the NTA/South Loop situation

Sun-TimesClaypool accuses Rauner of reverse Robin Hood, NTA accuses CEO of same

Chicago Defender: Cover: Do Our Black Children Matter?

CTU protests loss of Head Start aides  

ABC 7: CTU protests Head Start assistant layoffs outside Board of Education meeting

Funding & Borrowing

WTTW: Karen Lewis: ‘We Can Not Continue Down This Road to Perdition’

Tribune$70,000 a day in interest- the cost of another short-term CPS budget solution

In other news

Linda Lutton of WBEZ published two stories about standardized test scores this week that should be read together:

Perceptions v. Reality: Chicago Students Outperform Kids In Rest Of Illinois

Faltering Scores For Poor Black Students In Chicago and Statewide

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