The Weekly Ed Update- 3.31.17

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Parents call on city to take action to avert early end to school year

Raise Your Hand joined parents from across the city and several aldermen for a Wednesday press conference to once again present local revenue proposals to ensure school stays open past June 1st, in the absence of our paralyzed state coming up with funding for CPS.

Chicago ReporterProgressives push alternatives to raise revenue, solve fiscal crises

CBS: Parents And Aldermen Demand CPS To Avoid Early End To School Year

You can read RYH Board Member Mary Hughes’ statement from the press conference on our website.

Important charter bills pass out of committee in Springfield

Two state bills on charter school policy that RYH Action supports passed out of committee this week. Sign up on the RYHAction website for updates on these and other bills, and make a call to your state rep early next week to tell them to vote yes on HB768 (weaken state charter commission) and yes on HB3567 (no new charters in financially distressed districts) bill.

Sun-TimesBill would ban new charter schools in cash-strapped districts

What about the school funding formula bill?

As you all know by now, IL is ranked at the very bottom of the list for education funding adequacy and equity. The state needs to both raise revenue for education (and other services) and fix the education formula. We have one of the worst gaps in how we fund wealthy versus poor districts in IL because property taxes make up the bulk of education funding. A bill that addresses the funding formula, HB2808, passed out of committee in Springfield this week, but the bill would require between $3.5 and $5 billion in new revenue to achieve funding “adequacy.” 

It’s unclear how our state, which hasn’t managed to pass a budget in two years or find any revenue solutions, will address the funding needed for this bill. There are also some concerns that we’re still trying to make sense of about how this bill would impact special education funding. That said, using an evidenced-based model as the basis for an education funding formula seems to be a good thing as it addresses the needs of students in terms of poverty and other factors, but we need to make sure there’s additional revenue raised to fund such a formula.

On that note, 16 superintendents from districts around IL have joined CPS in suing the state over education funding.

NPR Illinois: Lawsuit Aims To Fix School Funding Formula

Did you miss the Generation All/RYH event on high school choice this week?

We had a great event with a really thought-provoking discussion around high school choice. If you missed it, good news, you can watch it here.  (And you can read the Storify of tweets here.) Generation All’s plan for supporting neighborhood high schools in Chicago is available on their website.

In other news

Sun-TimesNoble tried to poach from other charter schools, not just CPS

Washington PostDeVos: Picking a school should be like choosing among Uber, Lyft or a taxi -- DeVos also compared selecting a school for your child to shopping for milk.

WGN: Former CPS principal alleges that black, female principals are being pushed out of jobs

Washington Post How the SAT and PSAT collect personal data on students — and what the College Board does with it -- Important read for parents of students taking PSAT and SAT tests next week.

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