The Weekly Ed Update- 3.10.17

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Chance the Rapper can’t move Rauner on funding solutions, donates $1M to CPS

The big news story this week was that Chance the Rapper met with Governor Rauner in an attempt to discuss CPS funding, didn’t get anywhere in terms of solutions (shocker) and then ended up donating $1M to CPS, while also offering to donate 10% to CPS of future proceeds made to his own not-for-profit organization.

Sun-Times: Chance the Rapper tweets out thanks for #CPSsupport

DNAInfo ChicagoChance the Rapper Gives $10K to These Nine Schools

RYH Action -  3 upcoming meetings

Join our sister-org RYH Action to get informed and involved on important ed issues this legislative session. We are connecting parents and concerned citizens by neighborhood so that you can advocate more powerfully as a group. Come learn about the issues, meet other parents in your community  and get some tips on how to advocate. You can RSVP here.

  • Bronzeville- Sat. 3/11 at 1pm
  • Logan Square- Thurs. 3/16 at 6:30pm
  • Portage Park - Sat. 3/18 at 1pm

PARCC testing update

We’re hearing that a lot of schools are giving parents and students misleading information about PARCC and opt out. Here’s some key facts:

If you are told your child is not allowed to refuse the test, verbally or in writing, please let us know at or via 413-OPTOUT.

Our Testing Toolkit 2016-17

Much of the data in recent CPS privacy breach belonged to private school students

The Sun-Times reported on two breaches of student data last month. What wasn't covered in that story, however, is that the data shared improperly as part of financial information on the CPS website was mostly from non-CPS students enrolled at private schools. More than 50 schools had students with personally-identifiable information in these files. The breach raises lots of questions about CPS' internal controls on sensitive student data.

You can find a list of schools and recommendations for parents whose children’s data may have breached in this post on the national Parent Coalition for Student Privacy website.

ESSA accountability

The renewal of the federal Elementary and Secondary Education Act passed Congress in December 2015 as ESSA. The Obama administration finalized the regulations to implement the law at the end of last year. This week Congress voted this week to repeal some of those regulations, in particular those covering teacher preparation and school accountability plans.

The national teachers unions had opposed the final teacher preparation regulations. And many state education officials, including IL's State Superintendent Tony Smith, had criticized the accountability regulations for imposing requirements that Congress had intended to leave to states to determine, especially regarding the requirement for 95% participation on annual testing.

In contrast, many civil rights organizations favored the regulations because they specified how states should meet ESSA provisions regarding students of color, students with disabilities, and English-language learners.

Robert Schaeffer of FairTest put it best when he told the New York Times: "The regulations were an overreach [but] total repeal is an overreach."

Repeal of the regulations throws into uncertainty the plans that each state is drafting for ESSA implementation, including Illinois' plan which is scheduled to be submitted to the US Dept of Education next month.

New York TimesObama Education Rules Are Swept Aside by Congress

Politico: Senate dumps Obama rule for holding schools accountable


A few stories featured this week on our Tumblr:

Portage Park Elementary student is AMAZING as WGN TV’s Weather Forecaster!

Woodson Elementary celebrates Black History Month

Northside College Prep’s Filipino Dance Troupe, Isang Hakbang, wins Battle of the Bamboo

Southside Occupational High School Teachers and SECAs participate in the Polar Plunge

Note: Many, many educators from so many schools participated in the Polar Plunge to benefit the Chicago Special Olympics! 

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In other news

Ray Salazar's The White Rhino blog: Chicago Public Schools parent says not to base high-school selection on test scores

Sun-TimesCTU considering another one-day strike, this one on May 1

DNAInfo ChicagoAfter Roof Blows Off Juarez School, Pilsen Parents Demand Answers From CPS

Slate"That Place was Like a Prison" “Camelot Education takes the students public schools have given up on. But the for-profit company’s approach to discipline has led to allegations of aggression and abuse.”

Note: Camelot Education was recently in a WBEZ story as part of their recent series on alternative schools in CPS, Costly Alternatives.

Sun-TimesNoble charter school staff seek to unionize

Sun-TimesASPIRA charter union reaches tentative agreement to avoid strike

The Chicago ReporterRauner, Emanuel getting more than they bargained for with charters