The Weekly Ed Update- 2.24.17

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CPS Board Meeting recap

The unelected Chicago Board of Education voted on their amended budget Wednesday, which the Sun-Times reports disproportionately cut predominantly Latino schools at twice the rate of majority white schools. 

CPS has a Latino Advisory Council, and 16 of the 18 members resigned from the committee Wednesday in protest to the cuts. Even former VP of the CPS unelected Board of Education, Jesse Ruiz, was at the board meeting to protest the cuts. He addressed the Board.

WTTW: Majority of Latino Advisory Council Resigns Amid Budget Cuts

Many parents affiliated with RYH spoke at the Board meeting. You can read some of their very strong statements here.  

Urban League School Funding Lawsuit comes to a Settlement

The Urban League sued the state of IL in 2008 around inequitable school funding practices, and a settlement was reached this week, but it only deals with the narrow issue of proration. Because the legislature appropriated less money than the state funding formula sets, they have shorted school districts over $1B over the past seven years. Low-income districts have taken the biggest hits because they rely most heavily on state funding and can’t rely on property tax revenue in the same way wealthy districts can. It’s unclear how this settlement will impact CPS or any other district.

WBEZ: State Settles Suit Over Discriminatory School Funding

In other news:

TribuneCPS tells schools not to allow immigration officials in schools without a warrant

Note: It is despicable that any child has to worry about ICE coming into their school. Attendance rates are already dropping because families are worried about being separated by potential deportations.

DNAinfo‘They Might Take My Mommy Away’: Deportation Anxiety Hitting CPS Kids Hard

WBEZ: How CPS’ Lawsuit Against Rauner Could Play Out

New York TimesDismal Results From Vouchers Surprise Researchers as DeVos era begins

New York Times: Trump Rescinds Rules on Bathrooms for Transgender Students 

Note: CPS issued a statement on social media that district policies with respect to transgender students and employees will not be affected by this rollback at the federal level.

Sign Action Now’s Petition: Save CPS Clerks

CPS is now having teachers do their own payroll using a new system called Kronos, and there’s much speculation that CPS plans to cut many clerks this year to save money. As we all know, clerks are critical to the well-being of a school building, and many CPS schools don’t have enough administrative coverage as is.

Sign and share petition here.

CPSuccess to brighten your day!

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