The Weekly Ed Update- 2.17.17

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Budget hearing recap

CPS held two budget hearings on Monday about the amended budget they’ll be voting on next Wednesday. CPS did a 60 second presentation and did not share many details at all about how they determined the cuts, but they did say they are still $111M short to get through the year after making these cuts. We offered some feedback on contracts and central office departments they could trim. (See list here.) 

You can read a more in-depth discussion of our concerns about these cuts on our website.

Sun-Times: Lots of anger, no solutions, at CPS budget hearing
WBEZ: Chicago Parents Blame Gov. Bruce Rauner For CPS Budget Cuts
WTTW Chicago TonightParents, Teachers Call on CPS to Take Budget Matters Into Its Own Hands

Five families join CPS to sue the State on funding

CPS filed a lawsuit this week with five parents against the Governor and IL State Board of Education claiming the state funding formula violates students’ rights and maintains “two separate and unequal” systems.

DNAinfoCPS Sues State of Illinois: City Kids at 'Back of Bus' in Funding
TribuneChicago school board sues state, alleges 'separate and unequal' funding

Note: In response to the suit and the CPS cuts, the Governor’s ed chief is telling parents to support a public ed funding bill that would require an additional $3.5B-$5.B in revenue. This is in a state that hasn’t had a budget for 2 years and isn’t funding many services, so it’s unlikely that bill she mentions will solve the CPS budget crisis any time soon.

RYH joins community orgs and aldermen to oppose Noble expansion on NW side

When you have to sue the state for ed funding, there’s really no explanation needed on why it’s a bad time to expand schools that will drain resources from existing schools.  We were happy to sign on to this letter opposing this expansion.

DNAinfoCharter School Expansion Ripped By Leaders, Parents On Northwest Side

Sign Action Now’s Petition: Save CPS clerks

CPS is now having teachers do their own payroll using a new system called Kronos, and there’s much speculation that CPS plans to cut many clerks this year to save money. As we all know, clerks are critical to the well-being of a school building, and many CPS schools don’t have enough administrative coverage as is.

Sign and share petition here.

In other news

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Diane Ravitch’s blogDonald Trump on Education: An Official Transcript of His Listening Tour
WTTW coverage of special ed issues at CPS: CTU, Principals: Special Education in Crisis

CPSuccess continues despite all of the above!

Beaubien Elementary has been busy spreading kindness!

Uplift High School’s basketball team

Nobel Elementary professional development before school

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