The Weekly Ed Update- 2.10.17: CPS Budget Cuts Hit Again

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CPS Budget Cuts Hit Again

CPS schools have been hit with mid-year cuts for the second year in a row. As our state and city continue to point fingers and avoid solutions, CPS students will suffer the consequences by having more educational opportunities stripped from them. CPS has frozen half of all schools’ discretionary funds, amounting to $46 million, which means that many schools won’t have funds for things like after-school programs, supplies, recess monitors, field trips, technology, and more.  Each school lost different amounts of money based on how much discretionary funding they still had in accounts, so we recommend finding out from your LSC how much your school lost and what the impact will be.


Sun-Times Blaming Rauner, CPS freezes up to $69M more in school spending
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What can you do? Attend an upcoming hearing on the amended CPS budget

Monday, February 13th
2pm-4pm or 6pm-8pm

CPS headquarters, 45 W. Madison

Registration begins one hour before the hearing. Make sure to bring a photo ID. For some tips on attending the hearings, read more here.

The Chicago Students Union will be holding a rally to protest the budget cuts, also on Monday the 13th, at 4:30pm at the Thompson Center.

Betsy DeVos confirmed with tie-breaking vote from VP Mike Pence

There was so much opposition to Betsy DeVos, that for the first time ever, a Vice President had to cast the deciding vote on her nomination. While it’s unfortunate that she made it through, she helped elicit a new wave of activism across the country, and there seems to be more awareness than ever on the need to defend public education against her flawed agenda.

DeVos will likely only be able to forward her agenda in states that allow it, and our Governor has expressed his support for DeVos and her policies.

We need our state to invest in and protect our public school system, not divert funds to private, religious and privately managed schools. While the impulse to help a few students through these means may sound noble, there will always be a larger number of students negatively impacted by the funds drained from their existing schools.

We expect a big push for voucher-related bills in Illinois, and there was already a hearing for one bill in the IL General Assembly this week. Our sister-organization, RYH Action was able to generate over 3,000 witness slips opposing this bill in roughly 24 hours, and the bill failed in committee 14-4.

If you want to volunteer with RYH Action on an anti-voucher campaign, sign up here


Think Progress Over massive opposition, Betsy DeVos is confirmed as education secretary
LA Times If you care about our public schools and our democracy, beware of Betsy DeVos and her vouchers

Stay strong and keep up the fight to protect our public schools!