The Day is Getting Longer for 3 CPS Schools This Year

There’s a lot of buzz about the latest move by CPS to offer 3 CPS schools  (Skinner North, STEM and Melody) $150k/$75k and a 2% bonus to teachers for moving to a 7.5 hour school day. Most of our schools are 5hours45 minutes so that’s an increase of 105 minutes for some schools. What do you think? We are interested to hear from our members on this.  What are your thoughts and concerns? Is this a OSFA (one size doesn’t fit all) issue in terms of the right amount of the extension of the day for our schools? Or, is there a certain length of time that would work for all of our schools?

We are on the extended day task force with the first meeting this Tuesday, so we want to hear from you now. We want to emphasize quality of minutes not just quantity. What do you want included in the longer day? What’s the right amount of time for your child’s school?

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