Take Action Tuesday - 5/31/16

Dear Parents,

We need parents to take action Tuesday, May 31. Please visit your state legislators’ offices to push for revenue solutions to fund an education budget. Here are short answers to frequent questions:

“Why do this now?”
May 31st is a critical deadline in Springfield. While there are different education proposals floating around Springfield, there is likely nothing that is going to pass both chambers by the end of Springfield’s session, May 31st.

Legislators need to keep hearing from you.

“What is the city doing?”
CPS desperately needs sustainable revenue from the state and city, and we will have actions to call on both in the weeks ahead, but the 5/31 deadline is important.

“But my representatives said they passed something.”
Senators passed a bill, SB231, earlier this month that makes education funding more equitable, but it has been assigned for a May 31 committee vote in the House, which means it is unlikely to make it to consideration by the full House this session. It also doesn’t include new revenue so doesn’t really address the funding adequacy issue for the state, but would shift roughly $375M to CPS. The Illinois House passed a state budget Thursday that includes new K-12 spending in a similar amount, but it also relies on billions in new revenue that no one’s agreed to yet. We need funding adequacy and equity from the state.

Visit your reps’ offices and share your concerns. Drop off a letter asking them to address education funding adequacy and equity -- that means new, additional funding for education and a formula that takes poverty and other variables into account.

Do you have 2-3 people in your district who can join you? We can connect you to other parents in your district. Commit to a visit and let us know you are going so we can track the number of legislators we visit on Tuesday.
Fill out this form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/11FHujFrs6669eN9Ea6w6XXXIiEZQNRTyJ45g6ER...

Sample letter you can personalize and drop off:

How do I find my IL State Representative and State Senator?
Go here: http://openstates.org/find_your_legislator/