Support the RYH Pledge Drive!

As we move into the holiday season and reflect upon all the things we are thankful for, we are grateful for you, our supporters and members who advocate for strong public education in Illinois.  As you know, Raise Your Hand is a grassroots coalition of parents and concerned citizens who advocate with a powerful voice for quality public education. Today we are asking for your continued support to help strengthen our movement by making a donation to our end-of-the-year fundraising campaign.

Our goal is to raise $25,000. Your monetary support is vital to our efforts to expand the network of caring and informed advocates for quality public education. Please consider making a one-time donation or a monthly gift today. A monthly donation of $20 would go far in ensuring that Raise Your Hand continues it's important education advocacy work.

Since its inception, Raise Your Hand has worked tirelessly on behalf of children and communities to:

  • Analyze and share information on CPS and state policies to a wide network of parents and engage them to become advocates
  • Advocate for recess for all Chicago Public Schools
  • Advocate for a broad curriculum for all students, not just a longer school day
  • Advocate against the elimination of class size limits for special education classes
  • Advocate for the first ever-TIF surplus return in 2010  
  • Shed light on standardized testing practices and over-testing
  • Release "Apples to Apples" report with parent Jeanne Marie Olson to uncover inconsistencies in the CPS' space utilization formula that determines overcrowding and underutilized schools.
  • Create a strong and growing network of advocates across the city working towards shared goals of improved quality education for all children

Your generous, tax-deductible contribution will help secure the necessary tools to continue our work on behalf of quality, public education for all students. Please consider making a one-time donation today or a monthly gift of an amount that is appropriate for you.

A strong public school system is at the heart of a strong vibrant democracy. Our warmest wishes for a happy holiday season.




Wendy Katten

Executive Director, Raise Your Hand for Illinois Public Education