Support the Right to Opt-Out of the ISAT

"More than a Score" issued this message today.

Parents who have opted or plan to opt your children out of the ISAT:

In light of CPS's recent instructions to principals, we want the hundreds of parents who have opted or plan to opt your children out of the ISAT to please stand strong, and we (a group of parents, teachers, and students) will continue to stand with you. 

Many of us are opting our own children out of this test as well.

Barbara Byrd-Bennett said in writing that parents could opt their children out of the ISAT, and that children opting out would be allowed to engage in alternative activities. 

Parents have the right to direct their children's education as they see fit.

As such, we fully expect principals and teachers--the adults whom we entrust our children's care to every day of the school year---to treat our children with kindness, to allow them to engage in alternative activities during the test, and to respect our wishes as parents and guardians. 

All parents should demand nothing less.

Please call CPS, our mayor and the Illinois State Board of Education, and let them know you expect your rights as a parent to direct your child's education to be respected. 

CPS CEO Barbara Byrd-Bennett: 773-553-1500
Mayor Rahm Emanuel: 312-744-3300
ISBE Chairman Gery Chico: 217-557-6626 
ISBE Superintendent Chris Koch: 217-782-2221