State budget deadline is this Thursday- let’s keep pushing for fair funding for CPS and for a budget for IL families!

IL families cannot wait to go another year without a state budget and CPS students will not be able to thrive without fair education funding from the state!

The deadline to pass a budget is this Thursday and Governor Rauner is still digging his heels in, saying the state shouldn’t “bail out” CPS.

Governor Rauner omits that CPS receives roughly $9k per student per year less than his hometown of Winnetka and educates an extremely high low-income population. CPS is the only district in the state that has to cover normal pension costs without state help! Chicago students deserve fair funding, not a bailout, and our schools have made great gains despite years of unfair funding.  
RYH state-funding fact sheet:

Read the National Report Card: Is School Funding Fair, in which IL consistently gets an 'F' for Fair Funding.

What can you do? We know we’ve asked you to call a lot, but keep calling this week through 6/30!
1) Call Governor Rauner - 217-782-0244 and tell him to pass a budget and fund CPS and all schools fairly. Feel free to mention that his hometown of Winnetka spends $22k per student to our $13k at CPS!
2) Call Speaker Madigan and ask that he hold firm on CPS funding and fair funding for the state: (217) 782-5350
3) Call you legislator using the Responsible Budget Coalition hotline: 844-311-CUTS (2887). Tell him or her they need to pass a budget that includes revenue before June 30th and fund CPS fairly!
4) Stop by your state rep’s office in person before Thursday and drop off a letter informing them about the impact a 25% budget cut will have on your school and your children.
5) Attend a candlelight vigil at the Thompson Center Monday 6/28. Info here:
6) Attend a rally at the Thompson Center on 6/30. Numerous organizations will be out demanding a budget with revenue from the state. Info here:
7) Join RYH for a canvass in Winnetka this week regarding education funding inequity. Email us for more info:

RYH will be working on other actions regarding city revenue in the coming weeks, as we need sustainable revenue from both the state and city to meet the $900M deficit, but the state should be the focus this week as the budget deadline approaches.