Special Education Cuts

In analyzing the special education "All Means All" pilot program, RYH found that all means less for many students at these schools. 84% of  All Means All schools ended up cutting special ed positions.

We created this visual map so you can see where the All Means All Cuts are: Insert - map CPS FY16 All Means All Schools Proposed Budget Position Changes. Click on the dots to see school names and positions lost.
Click here to see the map.

And this is a visual map we made of all special education cuts at CPS:

Note: CPS has restored 60 positions since they announced the cuts.

30 schools win back some special ed staff
If your child's IEP is not being followed this fall, or if you are being asked to sign on to an IEP that reduces minutes or services, here is a list of resources of special education advocates and attorneys.

Note: be very careful about signing IEPS that have reduced minutes or changes in phrasing. You should seek expert adivce from the resources above if you have questions. Your old IEP will stay in place until issues are resolved.