Sign our Petition for a Quality, Funded Longer Day

While there is no consensus on the right length of day for our children in this city, there is a consensus around quality and funding for our kids' education. Parents are well aware that CPS has not adequately funded our current school day. Our children have had inadequate arts, physical education, language/bilingual programs, support services and much more for decades at many of our schools. Some schools can support some of these extras, but these programs should be basic standards for every child in Chicago.

We have been working with thirteen parent/community groups around the city to discuss what a quality day would look like for our children and what we have found is that parents in every corner of the city want the same thing - a better and more diverse curriculum for their children. As important decisions about the school day are about to be made, we need to voice our support for a quality school day for all kids now.

Please sign this petition and share with all of your school contacts!

Chicago Parents for a Quality Education Petition

And help us deliver this petition to the Mayor's office on Friday, April 13th at 4pm. More details to follow. Please raise your voice for a quality day for all CPS students.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful spring break!