Sign and Share the More than a Score Petition - Our Kids are Taking too many Standardized Tests!

Yesterday, CPS approved a policy that will change the way our Principals are evaluated so that 50% of their evaluation is based on student test scores. This news causes concern among many parents who wonder:

  • How will this impact the amount of test prep being done at our schools?
  • Are these tests detracting from the amount of time schools can devote to high-quality instruction, project-based learning, and critical thinking?
  • What is the stress level caused by the numerous tests administered to younger children in Pre-k to 2nd grade?

These questions and others have led RYH to join with other parent groups in Chicago to form More Than A Score to better express the concerns of parents on this topic. We are launching a petition today to tell CPS to scale back on the amount of testing and eliminate testing for PreK-2. Please sign this petition and pass on to all your school contacts!

Print out a petition in English or Spanish and collect signatures - attached here. Collect signatures at drop-off or pick-up or other school events and help us get thousands of petitions signed to hand in to the Board of Ed. Email us and we will pick up the petitions from you.

See the Parent FAQ attached, too.