School starts with Severe cuts to Traditional Schools

First, RYH would like to thank everyone who has spent time this summer advocating for the restoration of funds to our children’s classrooms.

In an effort to restore classroom budgets, RYH has suggested a TIF fund surplus and/or reduction of spending on non-essential central office departments to CPS.  So far the City has not responded. Our kids start school tomorrow with fewer teachers and staff in programs that are essential to their learning and growth. Despite these challenges, it’s clear Chicago parents and communities are strong and will continue to be motivated to band together to advocate for quality public education for every child in Chicago. May all kids continue to discover the joy of learning in their classrooms this year and wishing you all a great start to the school year. 

Here’s a press release we sent out about school budgets. LINK

What else can you do?

Remember the Noto37 website created three years ago? The folks who created that developed the site, Protect CPS Kids. Take a minute to send a message about the budget cuts and share with your school community:

Join forces with parents in your community and canvass about the cuts. Today 6 parents and students got together in Ward 47 to do this and were able to talk to 250 people in one hour with a flyer and call to action. Email us if you want info on

School Closings

Kids will be traversing new routes with very far distances in many cases.  Our many thoughts are with the 30,000 kids in consolidated schools for a safe school year. We, along with many other groups will be following up with parents and teachers in these schools and monitoring class size, overcrowding and helping to provide information on rights for students with IEPS.


Tuesday, August 27th 6:30pm – 8pm

39th Ward TIF Illumination Forum

Belding Elementary School

4257 N. Tripp, Chicago, Illinois

TUESDAY  August 27

6:30 – 8 p.m.

This is a town-hall meeting hosted by the Civiclab that will explain the Tax Increment Financing (TIF) Program and how it is impacting the 39th Ward and the relationship to the state of our public school system. You will learn how many TIFs are in the ward, how much money they extracted in 2012, who got TIF funds, how much money FROM the ward was left in those funds at the end of 2012.

Wednesday, 8/28: “Education is a Human Right” Boycott

On Wednesday August 28, 2013, on the 50th anniversary of the civil rights’ march on Washington,  parents, students and community members in 42 cities across the nation will march to stand up for public education.  At 10 a.m. in Chicago, there will be a rally at 125 S. Clark followed by a march to city hall. RYH has not been involved in the planning of this event but many of our members will be attending, some with their kids and some without. We stand with parents who support the boycott and those that won't be there.

10am – 125 S. Clark, Wednesday 8/28