RYH presents analysis of class size data for 2014 to the Chicago Board of Education: Finds that 34.5% of K-2 students are in homerooms at or above 29 students

With the 2013-14 school year officially over, the issue of CPS budget cuts and unfunded mandates continues to loom, as schools struggle to work with insufficient budgets for 2014-15. 

  • 26,624 K-2 students in homerooms at or above 29 students impacting 34.5% of all students
  • 48,129 or more than 20% of students in K-8 were in homerooms over 28 (K-2) and 31 (3-8)
  • Research shows that class size matters.
  • Share the attached infographic with your elected officials and circle of people who care about strong public education for all children.

The underlying data is available here.

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