RYH Statement at the November 2020 CPS Board of Ed Meeting

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Jianan Shi, RYH's Executive Director

Good afternoon y’all and happy LSC election day.

While we are in the middle of a pandemic, CPS is continuing to entertain the idea of closing down 3 elementary schools in North Lawndale. Schools that on average are 95% Black and 90% low income. Parents should not have to be calling in today, spending their nights and weekends to fight to keep their schools open. During a pandemic. 

We stand with the North Lawndale parents and community members in rejecting the NLCCC’s current proposal and instead ask that those proposed investments be distributed across the three schools. 

Like the fight at National Teachers Academy, the community must continue to reject false choices. Schools are anchors and potential school actions like these destabilize the area. Closing down schools actually works counter to some of the other NLCCC’s goals such as improved home ownership and attracting outside investment. The 3 schools’ attendance areas are the same areas where they are seeking to reduce the number of vacant units and lots. Who will come if you close them down? Can we invest in Black and Brown communities without taking anything away? This continues to reveal the lack of equitable city wide facilities planning. 

The current proposal has requested at least $65 million and has gathered over 20 partnerships, why can’t we invest that across all 3 current schools?


Regarding CPS Reopening

According to the last family opt in form, 66% of pre-K and cluster families did not want to go back. Virtual learning must continue to be improved. This is also an issue of public trust. Parents are being left out of the process and are instead watching labor disputes, changing health metrics and their questions left unanswered. Unless that changes, I don't see how parents who are being asked to decide during the third wave, will opt to send their student in.

Thank you. 


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