RYH Lobby Day: Call your Legislators if you can't be in Springfield

Dear RYH Members,

Today is Lobby Day for RYH and while many can't join us on our trip to Springfield, you can help by calling your legislators about the bills summarized below. For years, our state has underfunded education. We parents try to step in to make up for the differences but it's not enough to cover every school community evenly. There is no excuse for a state with the income of Illinois to be last in theproportion of funding that it devotes to its public schools.

There are two ways you can support our Lobby Day Efforts:

  • Make a quick phone call to your state rep for any of the issues below, and/or
  • Consider sponsoring a parent for $36 to travel to Springfield today

 If you need help finding your state legislators,you can search here: Legislator finder

Action: Support Recess Bill – SB636, Amendment 2

This bill requires a 20 minute recess for all Illinois Pre-K– 5th graders and allows districts to implement recess for grades 6-8. Next year we are going to have a much longer day. Every child deserves a break during the day! Support this bill.

Action: Support Reduced Class Size Bill SB3362 and HB4455 (Lightford, Colvin, Martinez)

Lowers class size to 18 for Pre-K -3rd, 22 students for grades 4-8 and 25 students for 9th grade - 12th.

Action: Support Anti-Bullying Bill HB5290 (Rep. Kelly Cassidy)

This bill requires the Illinois State Board of Education to develop a model bullying prevention policy for schools.


Action: Support Moratorium Bill SB3239/HB4487 (Sen. Martinez/Rep. Soto)

This legislation stops school (closure) actions for the school year 2012-2013 while school districts establish policies that improve academic performance at low-performing schools


Action: Support HB4246 (amendment Barbara Flynn Curie)

This legislation requires the State of Illinois to pay for the normal costs of Chicago Teachers Pension Fund benefits earned from 2013-2059. State support for CTPF has fallen in recent years: CTPF received $34.5 million in 2011, compared to the $2.5 billion plus received by districts outside of Chicago. This bill includes a state appropriation of $191M to CTPF in 2013.


Action: Oppose HB4277 (Charter funding increase)

This bill increases funding to charter schools. We can’t afford this right now. Charters receive private funding and some participate in controversial policies such as imposing monetary fines on students. RYH is not against charter schools, but we are against an increase in funding when all other areas of the state budget are being cut. Also, charters should be held to the same accountability standards as traditional schools before they receive additional funding.

Action: Appropriations - General

Do not cut education funding! 

Protect the Child Care Assistance Program. The state is considering raising co-pays for child-care for low-income working families. Ensure that co-payments are not increased and that the state maintains current eligibility for families. Cutting early childhood education eligibility makes no sense!


Thank you for any action you are able to take and we’ll let you know what we find out in Springfield!