RYH Statement: Friday Night's Protest

July 20th, 2020

Raise Your Hand Statement Regarding Friday Night’s Protest

For Immediate Release

“Never, ever be afraid to make some noise and get in good trouble, necessary trouble." - John Lewis

We stand in solidarity with Miracle Boyd, GoodKids MadCity (GKMC), and all the other youth protesters who were beaten by CPD this past Friday evening. We support their demands for justice and are waiting to see how the city will make this right. GKMC has always shown up in educational justice and violence prevention spaces across the city and we have a responsibility to stand with them now. 

Raise Your Hand is a parent advocacy organization that fights for a just and equitable public education system. One of the leaders of this movement, who was brutally beaten on Friday, is Miracle Boyd of GKMC. 

  • When 4 Englewood schools were closed in 2018, who was there fighting for them? Miracle Boyd and GKMC
  • When National Teachers Academy (NTA) was being closed and considered a “done deal”, who was there fighting for them? Miracle Boyd and GMKC
  • This past Friday, when the City of Chicago still wants to honor a “public icon” - a mass murderer and a white supremacist- who was there to educate Chicago? Miracle Boyd and GMKC

We must believe, trust, and follow young Black women. They imagine and fight for a Chicago that is better for all of us.  We must continue to invest in our young Black women and give them the power to execute their visions. This means:

  1. Support GoodKids MadCity’s education and violence prevention work.  
  2. Demand that the Board of Education not renew the SRO contract.  
  3. Invest in our predominantly Black schools instead of closing them. Violence comes in many forms. 

“Provide us with a rigorous education and the tools we need to lead us to a road of prosperity and success.” - Miracle Boyd, Feb 2018 (WBEZ article, Dashed Hope)


Jianan Shi 

Executive Director

Raise Your Hand