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First it was the longer school day and how would that be funded.  It was my third year on the LSC and first as chair.


NEXT, it was severe budget cuts to already stretched-thin schools. I tried to calm my principal.

NEXT, it was the closure of over 50 schools. I protested with Raise Your Hand and listened to the impassioned pleas of the families who attend those schools.

NEXT, it was the high stakes testing straining our budgets and our kids’ emotional health. I learned what those tests actually were and opted my kids out of them.

NEXT, it was student based budgeting that forced schools and principals to compete with each other. Our LSC meetings had to include marketing and strategy ideas because every seat suddenly became our funding source.

NEXT, it was the Aramark fiasco that lead to filthy schools and inedible school breakfasts/lunches. I sat with my fellow RYH advocates while the CAO lied about how this would save money and how the Zambonis were magical!

NEXT, it was jail time for the people who were supposed to care about our children and lead by example but instead chose to steal and cheat. The staff at RYH amplified the reporting of this and taught us to trust our instincts when something doesn’t seem right.

NEXT, it was the calculated system used to deny our children of the special need services that were their right. I watched in amazement as our RYH staff helped take this to the highest levels and expose these shameful policies.

What will it be NEXT?

Raise Your Hand has worked to advocate for all families affected by these injustices and I’m proud to be have been a part of this organization for these last 6 years.

The work continues as we train other parent leaders and provide valuable communications to CPS families.  Help us grow, won’t you?

-Roberta Salas, Board Member, RYH since 2014

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