RYH presents analysis of class size data for 2014 to the Chicago Board of Education: Finds that 34.5% of K-2 students are in homerooms at or above 29 students

With the 2013-14 school year officially over, the issue of CPS budget cuts and unfunded mandates continues to loom, as schools struggle to work with insufficient budgets for 2014-15.  26,624 K-2 students in homerooms at or above 29 students impacting 34.5% of all students 48,129 or more than 20% of students in K-8 were in homerooms over 28 (K-2) and 31 (3-8) Research shows that class size matters. Share the attached infographic with your elected officials and circle of people who care about strong public education for all children. The underlying data is available here.

Visual map of where charters opened last year and the impact on budgets at nearby schools.

View an interactive map of where charter schools opened last year in Chicago, and the negative impact it had on neighborhood high schools here.

Parent Group, Raise Your Hand Blasts CPS for Budget Priorities – Cuts Disproportionately Hit District Run Schools while Charter and Central Office Spending Increases

Contact:  Amy Smolensky, 312 485 0053 Date:  Wed, 08/21/2013 CHICAGO-- With just days left until school starts, parent group Raise Your Hand is calling on the city and CPS to stop the attack on district-run schools and restore funding so that children can start school with a dignified school day. After reviewing the budget, Raise Your Hand is alarmed to find many areas of increased and spending to Central Office including: Continue reading