Rally to Restore Funding: Friday 6/21- 10am

CPS says cuts are not severe and are mostly staying away from the classroom. Are they looking at budgets from another school district? Did school closings actually add to the deficit? We don't know because the Board had no cost accounting when they voted to close the schools.

Join parents this Friday to rally for funding and a more honest school district. From the rhetoric of ½ empty buildings regarding school closings to the insincere language around budget cuts, parents need a system that cares about honesty and basic standards for all children.  We want a tif surplus declared to help restore the cuts. 

What did your school lose? A bunch of teachers, all supplies, the whole school?

Bring your voice and a sign detailing your cuts. Bring your signs about TIF.

Thompson Center: Randolph and Clark – 10 am this Friday