Rally for a Quality, Funded Day tomorrow

We've gotten over 1,100 signatures for our petition for a quality, funded school day in five days. This Friday we are going to be delivering the petition to the Mayor's office at 4pm. Help us by attending and showing your support for a quality day. The Mayor said at his press conference that parents are offering a false choice of quantity versus quality. According to the Mayor and CEO Brizard, our children will have a quality 7 hour day.

Specifics were not given, though, on funding or content of the day.
As involved parents and children who know what's missing in our schools, we are asking you to be creative and bring a sign to city hall with a picture symbolizing what you want to see added to the school day - ie, a guitar or piano to symbolize music, an easel or paintbrush, sports equipment, a computer, you get the drift. This is a great opportunity to advocate for the addition of quality programs to our schools.
We're going to hear from parents as well as children tomorrow. Come out and show your support for quality and funding to be added to the day.
We will meet outside at 4pm near Clark and Randolph and then head up to the 5th floor of city hall. We hope to see you there. Feel free to bring your kids - they probably have a lot of good ideas of what they want to see more of in the day.