Raise Your Voice Lobby Day - Wednesday, May 9th

Sometimes you raise your hand to indicate you want to speak and sometimes you cannot wait; you need to "Raise Your Voice." Now is that time. On Wednesday, May 9th, 2012 we hope you will Raise Your Voice with us in Springfield. We will head to our state capitol to voice our concerns and experience as parents to the legislators whom we, “the people,” elected into office.

Policies regarding education that will impact our kids are currently under consideration in Springfield and will be decided by state lawmakers. Please add your voice as a parent on May 9th as we Raise Our Voice in Springfield about legislation regarding:

  • Recess
  • Class size,
  • Education funding and more.

We will conduct a brief training on May 7th for those who want to join us.

As parents we know what is best for our children, especially when it comes to their education. When we enrolled them in public schools, we did not sign away our rights as parents as to how our children's education would be designed. We did not agree to be silent as policies affecting our children were made, passed and implemented without including us in on the discussion. As parents we have a right- more right than any person in any office or on any board- to say "this is what is best for my child."

If you have never made the trip to our state capitol on behalf of a cause, you can find no better reason than your child's education to make that first trip now. If you are a seasoned "squeaky wheel" please, add your experience to our collective band. We cannot allow those who have no ties to our children to continue to make decisions for them without our input.

Please email us at info@ilraiseyourhand.orgif you would like to attend the Raise Your Voice Lobby Day in Springfield on May 9th.