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Raise a Glass Ads 2020

Advertisements allow you to promote your business or organization, pay tribute to a RYH member, community member, personal mentor or friend, or make a statement of support for public education.

Your advertisement will be included at each Raise a Glass event over a two-week period. Links will be included in our weekly e-blast to 6,000+ people, and on our social media channels with 12,000+ Twitter followers, 5,000+ Facebook followers, and 8,000+ Facebook group members.

Full Digital Ad


1024 x 768 pixels at 96dpi

Half Page Digital Ad


768 x 512 pixels -or- 1024 x 389 at 96dpi

Submissions may be in png, jpeg, ppt. The deadline to submit files is October 8After purchasing your ad, please fill out this form and submit files here.