Quinn vs. Brady on Education

As a service to our membership and Illinois voters who are interested in education issues, the Raise Your Hand coalition has compiled a side-by-side collection of information regarding where the gubernatorial candidates of the two major parties stand on educational issues. This list was collected from various sources including the candidates' websites, candidates' campaign representatives and online media sources. For the purposes of this document, we have included a detailed breakdown of the two candidates who are the apparent leaders in the Governor’s race at this time:

  • Senator Bill Brady (Republican)
  • Governor Pat Quinn (Democrat) 

In this year's race for Illinois Governor, there are also four additional candidates:  

  • Scott Lee Cohen (Independent) 
  • Lex Green (Libertarian)
  • Mike White (Write-In candidate)
  • Rich Whitney (Green Party)

To find out more about the other four candidates’ positions on education issues, please use the links below to their individual websites.  


Raise Your Hand is not endorsing any candidate in the upcoming Illinois Governor election and this document is intended to be used for informational purposes only.