Positive school stories

Hope everyone has had a great first week of school! While continuing to advocate for things that need to be improved upon system-wide, RYH is also going to be sharing more positive things happening at neighborhood schools this year. There is a lot to celebrate in our public schools, and we saw last week when we shared information on our Facebook page about a school that had changed their homework policy to eliminate all homework for students in K-2, there was an overwhelming response from parents who were thrilled to hear that this was even a possibility, and some ended up sharing this information with their own Local School Councils this week. We know that YMMV (your mileage may vary)- and what works for one school may not work for another, but it was clear from the response on our page, that sharing the positive is necessary right now, and  we can’t lose track of all of the good things happening at our local schools as we push for changes at the higher levels.

Hamilton Elementary New Homework Policy

Hamilton is implementing a new homework policy for K-2 students this school year. Because parents don't control what happens during the school day, we believe the school should not control what happens at night when children are at home.

Beginning this school year, homework for K-2 students is PDF - play time, down time and family time. That's it. Hamilton teachers will not assign homework to K-2 students.

More here: http://principalgray.wordpress.com/

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