Phase 1 of Elected-School Board Campaign Complete

Phase 1 of ERSB Campaign Complete!

We are very happy to report that as part of CODE (Communities Organized for Democracy in Education), RYH helped turn in 9,768 signatures in 204 precincts and 26 wards on Monday at the Board of Elections. It was a great moment as parents, teachers, students and community members joined together from all corners of the city to hand in the petitions. Raise Your Hand helped to collect signatures in 15 of the 26 wards. Thanks to everyone who spent time working on this campaign!

This was just phase 1 of the campaign to get an advisory referendum on the November ballot in a sampling of precincts across the city.  What we learned from canvassing is that we need to expand the informational campaign to make people aware that we do not (and have never had) an elected school board in Chicago. Please email us if you would like to get involved with next steps of this campaign –

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