Parents encounter Arne Duncan outside a CPS school

U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan was in town yesterday and about 50 parents (some from RYH) waited for him outside a school in Kenwood. Note, the IL state board of education has been saying that the Feds will cut a billion dollars in funding if 95% of students in IL don't take the PARCC this year.

Read about it here and see video in the Sun-Times article:


An important update from this story is that once inside the building the press asked Secretary Duncan why he was pushing the PARCC so intensely and threatening loss of a billion dollars in funding. His response:

I’m not,” Duncan said. “The state works it out without Chicago. … That’s the state’s decision.”

But, isn’t the mandate being dictated by the federal government? Isn’t that what’s behind the threat to withhold $1 billion in funding that forced Chicago’s hand?

“No. You’re wrong. … You’re making stuff up. You don’t have your facts straight,” Duncan said.

Send this article to your state legislators. Many of them have been saying if they allow an opt-out bill, the Feds will pull a billion dollars in funding. Arne Duncan says this isn't the case.