RYH Parent Mantras for Remote Learning

Remote Learning starts in Chicago Public Schools on Monday, April 13. In other Illinois school districts, remote learning started on or around March 31. We released one RYH Parent Mantra for Remote Learning each day for two weeks to help parents get through this new endeavor. Please share!

Check out this RYH one pager: RYH CPS Remote Learning Guidance (synopsis)

CPS Parents! Take this RYH parent survey on Remote Learning (published May 6, 2020.)



Change is hard and things are changing. It's okay to not be okay.


El cambio es difícil y las cosas están cambiando cada día. Está bien no estar bien.




I am doing the best that I can. I will let myself off the hook.


Entiendo que no soy perfecto y que estoy haciendo lo mejor que puedo.



Daily life is full of learning opportunities - cooking, cleaning, organizing, building relationships.


La vida tiene oportunidades diarias de aprendizaje: cocinar, limpiar, organizar, y construir relaciones.



I am not alone. I will ask for help when I need it.


No estoy solo. Pediré ayuda cuando la necesite.



Every parent has a unique experience and has to learn what is best for their home.


Cada madre y padre tiene una experiencia única y tiene que aprender qué es lo mejor para su hogar.



Mistakes are proof that I am trying.


Los errores son prueba de que lo estoy intentando.



There are many ways to learn. My children will tell me what they need.


Hay muchas formas de aprender. Mis hijos me dirán lo que necesitan.



I only have to take one step at a time.


Solo tengo que dar un paso a la vez.



I need to take care of myself in order to take care of my children.

Necesito cuidarme para cuidar a mis hijos.



I am strong and my children are resilient.

Soy fuerte y mis hijos son resistentes.



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