Nursing update: RYH meeting #3 with CPS on nursing/medical compliance issues


RYH had a third meeting this week with CPS around improving systems for nursing/medical coverage in the district. Many parents have reached out to us this year with concerns that their children were not getting appropriate care in a variety of settings from having to deal with a rotating crop of untrained temporary nurses who often make mistakes, to dealing with having to provide care for their kids because no one shows up, to having no one at the school trained on their child’s emergency medicine.

CPS has been documenting our concerns and asking us to meet monthly, which is a good step, but so far they have only hired 10 new full time nurses this year (with a goal of hiring 20) and they don’t seem to have a plan for ramping this up with any urgency. They are putting a new Request For Proposals (RFP) out soon for more temp nursing agencies, but we feel strongly that they need a serious plan that includes more full time nurses and possibly health clerks at schools to deal with this critical issue. We have given them many examples of schools that use health clerks to fill medical needs that nurses are currently doing and don’t have to do. This would allow the certified nurses at CPS to do their jobs of medical tasks.

We will continue to meet with CPS and work with them to improve their systems.

In the meantime, attend our Know Your Rights training with Equip for Equality on Monday, November 19, 6:30 - 8 pm, to get your questions answered on what you should do if your child isn’t getting the services they need for nursing and special education. More details and RSVP here.



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