Notes from a RYH Member who Attended BBB's 5 Pillars Talk at Westinghouse

There wasn't anything ground breaking or innovative in the 5 "pillars", as has been said they sounded more business/corporate like than educational.  The accountability she talked about is more than a little chilling, we really don't need more "accountability" but re-think what is already in place and make it smarter and less invasive and demoralizing to all. More freedom instead of less for teachers and administrators.  All of the things she talked about and David Vitale, will require an overhaul of CPS both in culture and tools(technology etc) that requires stable leadership which we haven't had for 5 years or so.  It will also require investment in a system that is chronically underfunded.  I'm not sure that CPS won't continue it's pattern of churning through CEO's, in which case there really isn't a hope for stability and sustainable change.

"The CPS Way" video, well lets just say that organizations that are not in turmoil don't make corporate videos like this.  I do believe that the folks at CPS are sincere but their ability to translate into positive change is questionable given the politics involved.  These are just a few of my thoughts about yesterday.  They do admit that they aren't very good at communicating with parents, which they have admitted before. They are asking principals and teachers for ideas on how to better communicate with parents.  Why they don't also ask parents.....Often principals and teachers have no idea.  Some of it requires better technology etc.  Why there isn't an app for the parent portal, for example as a lot of parents don't have a computer at home and use their phone or they aren't home to use the computer.