Elected School Board Referendum Results by Ward/Precinct

Attached is a list where you can see how each precinct voted on the elected school board referendum. Make sure to inform your state reps and alderman about these results! If you are in favor of an elected school board, tell them so and why you support it. It's important for them to hear from their constituents on all things public ed! Continue reading

RYH article in Catalyst - "Will the Real Parents Please Stand Up?"

Link to Article Now that the strike is over and parents, students and teachers are finally settling into the routine of the school year, many parents we talk to are wondering what will change in terms of how policies are shaped at the district level at Chicago Public Schools. The blogosphere is abuzz from East Coast to West with opinions on the value and meaning of this strike. Tomorrow, our teachers in Chicago will vote on whether or not to ratify the contract. Continue reading

Elected School Board Results by Ward/Precinct

Hi all, As you know, the elected school board referendum was on the ballot in 327 precincts across the city on November 6th and voters resoundingly said they want an elected board. 87% of people who had the chance to vote said yes to an elected board.  Below is a spreadsheet with the results of the vote and you can see that people from Altgeld Gardens and Beverly to Rogers Park, Lincoln Park and Uptown had this on their ballot. Continue reading

RYH releases data on Class Size: 76% of CPS schools had classrooms over limits in 2011

This press release was sent out today and a chart with all CPS elementary schools detailing class size info was given to the Board of Ed. Note below that RYH is setting up a class-size hotline for parents to help advocate in situatinos where classrooms are above the recommended limits of 28 for K-3 and 31 for 4-8. Also note that a parent LSC rep should now be appointed to a class size committee when a school makes a complaint about class size to CPS. Continue reading

An Open Letter to the 97th General Assembly

Dear Honorable Representatives and Senators of the State of Illinois, Chicago is the only district in the entire state that does not have an elected school board. And, contrary to popular misconception, Chicago has never had an elected school board. Continue reading

Chicago Voters Overwhelmingly Support an Elected School Board

Yesterday, voters in 327 precincts throughout 35 wards of the city had the opportunity to vote on the referendum question regarding whether Chicago should have an elected school board, as opposed to the current mayoral appointed school board.  Voters overwhelmingly voted yes to an elected school board, with 86.6% voting yes. The final tally amounted to 65,763 people voting YES and 10,174 voting NO. Continue reading

Kudos to CPS and CTU

We are pleased that CPS and the CTU met this week and in the process of doing so, put their legal differences aside to move forward towards planning for what the longer school day should look like for next school year. We see this as a positive step in the right direction. Continue reading

CPS Fuzzy Math?

On the CPS School Action guidelines, released Oct. 31, 2012, submitted by Raise Your Hand board member and Austin neighborhood community leader, Dwayne Truss  The Chicago Public Schools (CPS) just released draft guidelines for "School Actions" as required by state law.   After reviewing, I have to take exception to the claim that the CPS community engagement process resulted in adding the space utilization criteria. Continue reading

CPS Releases Draft School Action Guidelines

You can read about it here: http://www.cps.edu/About_CPS/Policies_and_guidelines/Documents/2012_2013SchoolActionsGuidelines.pdf Continue reading

Notes from the South-Side Community Engagement Forum at Kennedy-King College

Thanks to parent Joy Clendenning for taking these notes and sharing them with us! CPS Community Engagement Forum Oct. 25, 2012 Kennedy-King College Notes (not a formal report) by Joy Clendenning, Oct. 29, 2012 Continue reading