This Week in Ed 5.21.20: CPS Meal Sites open | Progress Reports Friday | How are you doing? ☀️

We hope that you & your family are well. We are hoping for sun this upcoming long holiday weekend! ☀️ A few things we want to highlight at the top of our weekly newsletter: Food Assistance We enjoyed this informative article from Hyde Park Herald about how a CPS Meal Site works as explained by a CPS lunchroom manager. Worth a read: Hundreds of meals distributed every day at Ray School: 'We don't ask questions. We'll just give you whatever you ask for' RYH webpage: CPS Grab & Go Meal Sites: Basics + Sites + Delivery Form Expanded SNAP benefits (Pandemic EBT or P-EBT) applications available here. Families can participate in both P-EBT & any meal distribution program currently available at their school. Flyers in English & Spanish. Chicago COVID Resource Finder | Text "covid" to 312-436-2280 to access via phone. Continue reading

This Week in Ed 5.14.20: Survey: Still open! Check our map, let's reach more parents! #RemoteLearning

We hope that you & your family are healthy and safe. This newsletter is brief. Information overload + foggy brain = here’s what you need to know this week: - Thanks to the 1000+ parents at 281 schools who have already completed our RYH Remote Learning Survey. Use our map here (and below) to check your school: Does your school have respondents? Do you have parent contacts at a school with no or only one respondent? Is there a school or neighborhood Facebook group or discussion board where you can post our survey & encourage parents to take it? Continue reading

This Week in Ed 5.7.20: #RemoteLearning RYH Parent Survey + Grading Policy Controversy | Teacher Appreciation Week! 🍎

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week! Teachers, now more than ever, we parents appreciate all that you do! We see you teachers- your hard work and dedication PLUS all the extras you are doing right now to ensure your students and their families are healthy, safe, engaged, and connected to your classroom and school community. Thank you. You make a difference every day. 🍎 Continue reading

ACTION ALERT [5 minutes] - Public Accountability during Remote Learning

Attention current CPS parents! How is remote learning going? Take 5 minutes to do 2 quick tasks to help us build public accountability and transparency for how the district is doing during remote learning. We believe that parents and the community should be informed and involved during the pandemic, don’t you? The two tasks are: Continue reading

Advocates to IL Governor, Board of Education: Marginalized Students First

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASEMay 4, 2020 Contact: Jianan ShiRaise Your Hand for Illinois Public Education, 617-838-1420 / CHICAGO - Education advocates this afternoon asked Governor JB Pritzker and Illinois State Board of Education Superintendent Carmen Ayala to prioritize the use of federal CARES Act funding to reduce racial gaps and other disparities in student learning during and after the COVID 19 crisis. Continue reading

This Week in Ed 4.30.20: CPS Budgets: We have a few concerns

We hope you and your family are healthy and well. Please consider following us on all of our social media channels for daily updates. First, a few things we want to highlight... Did you know that your child does not need to be with you to pick up food from a CPS Meal Site? Did you know that a child can pick up food? Did you know that you should receive 3 days of breakfast and lunch for each of your children? Check out our webpage:  CPS Grab & Go Meal Sites: Basics + Sites + Delivery Form. Find all 10 of our RYH Parent Mantras for Remote Learning (+ a bonus one where you can create your own!) here. Hang in there, folks! Check out City Bureau’s Chicago COVID Resource Finder. Please share with families. Text "covid" to 312-436-2280 to access via phone. Raise Your Hand has joined the Right to Recovery (R2R) Coalition, which is made up of progressive grassroots organizations and elected officials who believe that our path to recovery must center those most at risk. We are looking for parents who want to be part of the fight and join RYH's Right to Recovery parent leaders. If interested, fill out this form. Thanks to those of you who already signed up! Continue reading

This Week in Ed 4.23.20: In-person instruction suspended in IL schools for the rest of the school year 😢

On Saturday, Governor Pritzker suspended in-person instruction for the rest of the school year in IL. We recognize that there are so many questions about public education in IL. We are trying to find the answers and share them out. We are also consistently pressing for parents to be at the table, virtually of course, so that we have input in the plans and solutions moving forward. Please consider following us on all of our social media channels: Ways to stay in touch! Continue reading

RYH Statements at the April 2020 CPS BOE Meeting

The CPS Board of Ed conducted their monthly meeting virtually. The meeting was live streamed on the CPS YouTube channel. Below are the RYH prepared statements and press coverage of the meeting. Part of our live tweet thread is here.  Continue reading

This Week in Ed 4.16.20: How's Remote Learning Treating You? 🤔

CPS started Remote Learning on Monday. Thank you for sharing your concerns, your successes, and your stresses with us. You are not alone. We’ve been sharing a RYH Parent Mantra for Remote Learning via social media every day this week and will continue to do so next week. You can find those Mantras here. We created this one pager, RYH CPS Remote Learning Guidance (Synopsis), to give you the basics on CPS Remote Learning Guidance. Here's a helpful resource from SEL Chicago: Supporting Children in Remote Learning. Below you will find some Quick Links, information on the consolidation of CPS Meal Sites, and .... did you know report cards will be sent by CPS next week? Please see below on some confusion on grading policy during this time and confusion on the CPS school calendar. Continue reading

RYH Parent Mantras for Remote Learning

Remote Learning starts in Chicago Public Schools on Monday, April 13. In other Illinois school districts, remote learning started on or around March 31. We released one RYH Parent Mantra for Remote Learning each day for two weeks to help parents get through this new endeavor. Please share! Check out this RYH one pager: RYH CPS Remote Learning Guidance (synopsis) CPS Parents! Take this RYH parent survey on Remote Learning (published May 6, 2020.) Continue reading