What are these ARA meetings? Should I go?

Chicago Public Schools has a new report called the Annual Regional Analysis (ARA). There are meetings to present this report to people in various regions of Chicago. You can go and see how CPS is talking about our schools. Continue reading

This Week in Ed 11.2.18: New CPS data breach impacts 70,000; Plus, school ratings madness

After a temporary CPS employee was fired, she downloaded a database containing names, employee ID numbers, phone numbers, addresses, birth dates, criminal histories and any records associating individuals with the Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS). Parents who were in the process of the CPS background check and school volunteer approval process and many CPS employees are saying they received an email last night from CPS indicating their data was downloaded by the former employee. CBS 2: Fired CPS Employee Steals Personal Data Of 70,000 People, Charged With Multiple Felonies Continue reading

RYH Survey: Fall 2018

We want to hear from YOU! How's it going at your school(s)? How are we doing? What issues matter to you more than others? Continue reading

Resources from our Empowering Southside LSCs Workshops

Thanks to an Acting Up Award from Chicago Community Trust, we hosted two workshops: Empowering Southside LSCs! The first was on September 30 at the Washington Park Refectory and the second was on October 13 at Ellis Park. What a powerful time we had! Below are all of the resources from both workshops and some pictures. Thanks to all who were able to attend! #ChiTrustActingUp      #OnTheTable2018      #LSCPower Continue reading

RYH Supports A City Council Hearing on CPS Sexual Abuse

Since the Chicago Tribune uncovered the rampant sexual abuse cases in CPS, the district has taken steps to address glaring deficiencies in policies and procedures found by Maggie Hickey who was hired by CPS to do a thorough review of the district’s handling of sexual misconduct in schools and make policy recommendations. Continue reading

This Week in Ed 10.26.18: CPS will release school levels today

This week’s RYH email newsletter brought to you by the letters S, Q, R, and P! Continue reading

RYH Statements & Videos: October 2018 Unelected BOE Meeting

Below is the prepared statement of Joy Clendenning, CPS Parent, LSC Member, and RYH Managing Director. You can watch video of her statement here. You can watch a video here of Laurel Henson, a CPS mom working with RYH to bring attention to the widespread nursing issues within CPS.  Continue reading

10/24 & 10/25: Ask ISBE about new school ratings, punitive opt out policy

Important news for people concerned about the impact of high-stakes standardized testing on Illinois schools. There's not only a new state test this coming spring to replace PARCC, the Illinois Assessment of Readiness (IAR), but there's also a new state rating system for IL being rolled out later this month, and opt out rate may play a big role in your school’s rating. Continue reading

This Week in Ed 10.19.18: CPSuccess! And more!

#cpsuccess! We are still retweeting away at @CPSuccessChi. Please tag us in your #cpsuccess tweets and use that hashtag! (Note the clever spelling.) Some recent & amazing #cpsuccess stories chosen randomly from our Twitter feed: Continue reading

This Week in Ed 10.12.18: Ongoing Nursing disaster at CPS; LSC workshop tomorrow; New state test for IL and more!

Raise Your Hand had a second meeting with a group of parents, the head of Special Ed and the Chief Operating Officer to discuss major nursing compliance issues at the district. Many students are put in unsafe situations due to lack of coverage, untrained nurses from temp agencies, and lack of continuity of care. Continue reading