K-12 Funding Package Gives Partial Relief to CPS

After a year of deadlock, our state passed a stopgap budget that will partially fund services for the next 6 months. They also passed a K-12 package for the year that will offer some relief to CPS. We can all breathe a sigh of relief that school funding won’t be held up from the state, and there will be some increase to CPS and other low-income districts this year, but the amount is not sufficient to meet the full deficit at CPS and we won’t know the true outcome until budgets come out likely mid-July. Continue reading

ACTION ALERT: Legislators in session today- tell them to support SB 2054

The deadline of Thursday at midnight is fast approaching for the state to pass a stopgap budget, and a Pre-K-12 budget to allow schools to open in the fall. Continue reading

State budget deadline is this Thursday- let’s keep pushing for fair funding for CPS and for a budget for IL families!

IL families cannot wait to go another year without a state budget and CPS students will not be able to thrive without fair education funding from the state! Continue reading

Help us Raise More Hands this Summer

Dear Raise Your Hand Advocate: As you are probably aware, the outlook for education funding in Illinois is dire. With no official state budget in over a year, a massive deficit at CPS, and no real solutions being provided by the city or state, our schools stand to face massive cuts. Continue reading

Year-End Budget Actions - Save our Schools!

There's a lot going on as we come to the end of the school year. Please consider attending one or more of the below and use your parent voice! Continue reading

Solutions to CPS Budget Crisis

CPS has a serious deficit but there ​are solutions. There should be no talk ​of bankrupt​cy​ or a School Finance Authority​,​ which would likely make ​severe cuts and raise class sizes, as ​one​ did in the ​19​80s. Continue reading

Events This Week!

There are a few events happening in the next few days in different parts of the city. Here's a list: Continue reading

CPS Stakeholders Respond to Gov Rauner's 'Crumbling Prisons' Remark

The below was emailed today to those who signed up for our weekly email blasts: Continue reading

Take Action Tuesday - 5/31/16

Dear Parents, We need parents to take action Tuesday, May 31. Please visit your state legislators’ offices to push for revenue solutions to fund an education budget. Here are short answers to frequent questions: Continue reading

Weekly Education Update: 5/26/16 Edition

If you like what you see and what we do, please sign up for weekly emails here: http://ilraiseyourhand.org/join-our-email-list. Continue reading