Our letter to Senators Durbin and Duckworth: Vote no on DeVos

On Tuesday, January 31, we delivered hundreds of letters from Illinois parents and community members to the offices of Senators Durbin and Duckworth. Before the delivery, we hosted a press conference and a rally. Our message was clear: Just vote no!   Continue reading

The Weekly Ed Update- 1.27.17

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Unelected BOE Statements- 1.25.17: PARCC and LSC Letter #3

Below are two statements made by two CPS parents at January's unelected BOE meeting. The first statement is about more transparency around standardized testing. Also, which test will be used for selective enrollment admissions for next school year? Beneath the statement is the answer given by Chief Education Officer Janice Jackson. The second is about Citywide LSC Letter #3 which is addressed to Governor Rauner. LSC members asked CPS to distribute the letter to every LSC member so everyone would have the opportunity to sign.  Continue reading

RYH Statement Against Privatization of Building Engineer Management

RYH spoke against the $535 million in contracts to privatize building engineers at CPS. Unfortunately, the Board voted to hand over the management of building engineers to for-profit companies Aramark and Sodexo-Magic. CPS provided no cost-benefit analysis for this, as they are the only district in IL not mandated to do so, and said that the move would be cost-neutral and “more efficient.” Like nursing and other services that have been privatized at CPS, we know the overall negative effect outsourcing has on school culture and the ability to provide cohesive services. When the principal is taken out of the mix, communication becomes more difficult and relationships in the building often suffer. It was passed, 5-0 by our unelected BOE. Rivera abstained from voting. Hines was absent. Yes votes: Clark, Guzman, Furlong, Garanzini, Ward. Jennie Biggs, RYH board member and CPS parent, delivered the following statement on behalf of RYH at the unelected BOE meeting on Wednesday, January 25, 2017.  Continue reading

The Weekly Ed Update- 1.13.17

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Betsy DeVos, vouchers and the next push to privatize our public schools

School vouchers might be coming to Illinois soon. These plans give taxpayer money to parents to use to pay tuition to private schools (for-profit, non-profit and/or religious schools)---money that would otherwise go to fund public education for our children. Read and share our new fact sheet on vouchers. Continue reading

The Weekly Ed Update- 12.23.16

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Rahm's private emails and Chicago Public Schools

The BGA sued to get Mayor Emanuel’s private emails because public officials are not supposed to use private email for business matters. Chicago Public Schools were a recurring topic in these emails. Continue reading

The Weekly Ed Update- 12.16.16

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The Weekly Ed Update- 12.9.16

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