CPS Capital Budget hearings: Thursday, 6-8pm

CPS will spend nearly $1B on capital projects as presented in their FY 2019 Capital Plan. CPS will hold simultaneous public hearings for the capital budget from 6 to 8 pm, Thursday, July 19, at the following locations (register to speak: 5 - 6 pm): Truman College, 1145 W Wilson Ave Malcolm X College, 1900 W Jackson Blvd Kennedy King College, U Building, 740 W 63rd St. Continue reading

Many More Social Workers NOW: Our Statement on the CPS FY 2019 Operating Budget

Jennie Biggs, CPS Parent and RYH Communications Director spoke on behalf of RYH at the CPS FY 2019 Operating Budget Hearing. You can watch video (courtesy of Generation All) of Jennie here. Text of the statement is below.  Continue reading

CPS to spend nearly $1B on capital projects

CPS released their capital budget on Friday announcing that that they’ll spend nearly $1B on capital projects. Some of this is good news, but we continue to ask, how did they make these decisions on where to spend, and how can we better ensure that CPS is using an equity framework to make decisions about spending? Continue reading

This Week in Ed 6.29.18: CPS to launch $3M “Office of Student Protection” an hour before the BOE meeting

CPS announced it would open a new 20-person, $3M department to respond to sexual abuse allegations right before the BOE meeting Wednesday. Unfortunately, this came as a surprise to the Inspector General who is supposed to be working in partnership with CPS on this issue. It’s also concerning that the legal department is in charge of launching this department, given the recent revelations that their department was routinely interrogating student victims of sexual abuse without a parent present. Continue reading

RYH Statement from the June 2018 BOE: CPS sex abuse

Jennie Biggs, CPS parent and RYH Communications Director, spoke on behalf of RYH at the unelected BOE meeting on June 27, 2018. You can read our statement below.    Continue reading

RYH Statements from the June 2018 Unelected BOE: recent data breach; PreK concerns

The unelected CPS Board of Education held their monthly meeting downtown during business hours on Wednesday, June 27, 2018. We live tweet these meetings (which are not broadcast live) and we try to consistently use the hashtag #cpsboard. If you search that hashtag you will see many tweets from this meeting and previous meetings. Below are our 2 of the RYH statements from this meeting. You can also read a recap from Raise Your Hand Action's Sing-Along with the Elected School Board bill here. And you can read our BOE statement on CPS sex abuse here. Continue reading

This Week in Ed 6.22.18: IL House & Senate hold joint hearing on CPS sex abuse

Welcome to the Summer! Even as the school year wound down, there was so much CPS and public education news. We will try to keep our comments brief below and we have included many press links for you to read more. Thanks for reading & being engaged! Continue reading

This Week in Ed 6.15.18: CPS IG will take over sexual abuse investigations

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ATTENTION CPS Parents of Students with Special Needs!

The Advocates have asked the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) to require CPS to distribute the flyer below to CPS parents of students with special needs. Please share! Continue reading

NEW POST! An Update: CPS "Outreach" Meetings for the 2018 Preliminary Draft Educational Facilities Master Plan (EFMP)

This is a new post which UPDATES the information shared in our original post: CPS "Outreach" Meetings for the 2018 Preliminary Draft Educational Facilities Master Plan (EFMP). Continue reading