Rahm’s not running—What does that mean for the public schools?

We all got the stunning news yesterday that Rahm Emanuel isn’t running for re-election, and that means there’s going to be a new boss of the Chicago Public Schools in May 2019.  If you’ve read our newsletters over the past eight years, you know that in Chicago, the Mayor oversees the schools, appoints the school board, and selects the CEO of CPS. The primary election is in February 2019 but the next mayoral term doesn’t start until May 2019. Continue reading

This Week in Ed 8.30.18: We hope you & yours have the best school year ever!

With students back to CPS Tuesday, we wish you & your family a happy first day and an excellent school year where your children have the opportunity to learn and thrive. We hope you have a fun, yet relaxing, Labor Day weekend planned- enjoy! It’s been a busy, productive summer for RYH and we are looking forward to another school year of advocating with you. There is so much to do to ensure that all students are getting what they need to be their best selves, and we hope you’ll join us this year to work on many of our campaigns! Stay in touch with us: Email sign up, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Continue reading

This Week in Ed 8.24.18: CPS Board votes on updated policies re: volunteers in schools and student-teacher communication

The CPS BOE voted to update certain policies around student-teacher/staff communication through technology and vetting of volunteers. These policies come in the wake of the CPS sexual abuse scandal. Continue reading

RYH Statements & Videos from the August 2018 Unelected BOE Meeting

The unelected CPS Board of Education held their monthly meeting on August 22, 2018. Here are our written statements and links to video of our testimony.  Continue reading

CPS Sexual Abuse Report Released: Our Statement

As everyone knows, a groundbreaking and brutal report from the Chicago Tribune exposed that protections have not been in place at CPS to minimize sexual abuse and harassment of students while at school. The Trib has reported on both adult-student incidents as well as student-student incidents- over 400 in the past 7 years- all in CPS school buildings. Continue reading

This Week in Ed 8.17.18: Alarming report on CPS sex abuse released this afternoon

This was a big week for ed news in Chicago and IL! We urge you to continue to read or carve out some time this weekend to sit back and catch up on all the news.   This afternoon, the draft report entitled “Preventing and Responding to Sexual Misconduct against Students in Chicago Public Schools” was released. It was authored by Maggie Hickey who was hired by CPS to review the handling of sexual abuse allegations and to make policy recommendations. You can find the full report in this Chalkbeat Chicago article: Leadership instability atop Chicago schools contributed to mishandling of student sex cases: report.   Continue reading

This Week in Ed 8.10.18: Parents Testify at Student Data Privacy Subject Matter Hearing

Thanks to all of you who came out to the student-data privacy hearing this past Tuesday in the IL House Cybersecurity Committee! There were quite a few parents in attendance and several who testified. RYH Action pushed for this hearing because they have been trying to get a simple data privacy bill passed and have come up against serious opposition from the ed tech lobby and school management groups. We believe parents have a right to know what data is being collected on our children, how it’s being used, and the ability to correct it if it’s wrong, and we don’t think tech companies should be able to profit by selling our kids’ data to entities for marketing purposes. We also think stronger protections are needed to secure our students’ data. These are just some of the data privacy issues that we’re trying to bring to light. Continue reading

This Week in ed 8.2.18: Student data privacy hearing scheduled for Tuesday, August 7, in Chicago

In a big win for IL students that comes as a result of many parents speaking to their legislators about student data privacy concerns and as a result of Raise Your Hand Action being present in Springfield and meeting with several IL legislators on this issue, the IL House Cybersecurity, Data Analytics and IT Committee will hold a subject-matter hearing on student data privacy on Tues August 7th, 10am, at the Bilandic Building (160 N LaSalle), C-600, 6th floor.  Continue reading

This Week in Ed 7.27.18: CPS passes inequitable capital plan despite massive outcry from public

To no one’s surprise, the CPS appointed board unanimously passed their FY 2019 budget Wednesday which includes a $1B capital plan that perpetuates gross inequity throughout the city. Continue reading