RYH Statements: April 2019 Unelected CPS Board of Education

We attended and spoke at the April 24, 2019 monthly meeting of the unelected CPS Board of Education meeting- the last one under Rahm. Our prepared statements are below with links to videos of our speakers. You can find our live tweets from the meeting here. Continue reading

RYH Serving on Mayoral Education Transition Committee; Read Our #MemoToTheMayor

RYH Communications and Outreach Director, Jennie Biggs, is serving on mayor-elect Lori Lightfoot’s Education Transition Committee. She attended the first meeting on Thursday, April 11. There are two more scheduled meetings of this Transition Committee: Wednesday, April 24, and Friday, May 3.  RYH submitted a "Memo to the Mayor" as part of the Education Transition Committee process. You can find our Memo here. The writing of this Memo was a collaborative effort by several parents and RYHers who have been active over the years. Our intent was to reflect what RYH has been advocating for since 2010. We also tried to incorporate the many things we've learned over the years, especially while working with so many community based organizations in various coalitions. Feel free to share your thoughts or feedback with us: info@ilraiseyourhand.org UPDATED May 9, 2019: You can find a public, shared Google Drive folder which will serve as a record of the Education Transition Committee's work here. In the folder, you can find meeting materials, survey results, feedback from committee members, education memos, and other documents referenced and used through the transition process. After the Education Transition Report is released, there will be a copy in this folder as well. All Transition Reports will be presented to Mayor-elect Lightfoot on Friday, May 17.  UPDATED May 23, 2019: You can find the full Transition Report in English here and in Spanish here. It was published on May 17. There is an opportunity to provide feedback on the Transition Report. If you would like to do that, please contact Jennie via email (jennie@ilraiseyourhand.org.) Note: All final feedback will be included on the public, shared Google Drive folder. All feedback is due by May 31, 2019.  UPDATED June 30, 2019: On May 31, we submitted this feedback on the final transition report. Continue reading

Grassroots Collaborative and Raise Your Hand for Illinois Public Education File Lawsuit Against City of Chicago over Cortland Chicago River TIF for Lincoln Yards Development

The filed and stamped copy of the complaint can be downloaded here: https://docdro.id/jA1dX3E On Wednesday, April 17, the Chicago Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights and the national Lawyers Committee on behalf of Grassroots Collaborative and Raise Your Hand for Illinois Public Education filed a lawsuit to halt the creation of the Cortland and Chicago River TIF district and the capture of up to $1.3 billion dollars of taxpayer money. In addition, the suit argues that the City’s racially and ethnically discriminatory administration of the TIF system has disproportionately benefited areas in majority-White census tracts to the detriment of areas in majority-African American and majority-Hispanic census tracts. Continue reading

This Week in Ed 4.12.19: New mayor, new approach at CPS?

It’s almost CPS Spring Break! We have a bunch of stuff to share with you before CPS students are out of school for a week. Happy reading... Continue reading

This Week in Ed 4.5.19: New mayor! PLUS, Elected School Board bill passes in the House!

In a historic election, Lori Lightfoot was elected mayor on April 2. For now, the mayor still controls the school system. On September 5, 2018, we released this statement: Rahm’s not running- What does that mean for the public schools? In it, we reflect on our time with Rahm and we list the ed policies we have deep concerns about. We stand by this list and look forward to Mayor Lightfoot using it as she works with all stakeholders - students, parents, educators, and community members -- to reimagine Chicago Public Schools. More on what parents want from our new mayor, here. Chalkbeat Chicago: Lori Lightfoot is Chicago’s next mayor — which means big changes are coming to schools and check this out: Letters to Lori Lightfoot: Tell Chicago’s mayor-elect about your school Continue reading

Press Conference 3.27.19: Parents want community based equity in Chicago Public Schools

At this press conference before the monthly meeting of the unelected CPS Board of Ed, parent leaders from across Chicago spoke about their vision for Chicago and CPS. Participating organizations included Brighton Park Neighborhood Council, Chicagoans United for Equity, Enlace, Generation All, Kenwood Oakland Community Organization, Journey 4 Justice, Parents 4 Teachers, and Raise Your Hand. Action Now, Logan Square Neighborhood Association, and Northside Action for Justice also support this vision. You can watch video of the entire press conference here. Statements from the press conference are below. Continue reading

RYH Statement: March 2019 Unelected CPS BOE Meeting

We attended and spoke at the March 27, 2019 monthly meeting of the unelected CPS Board of Education meeting. Our prepared statement is below. You can find our live tweets from the meeting here. Before the meeting, we participated in a press conference with parent leaders from across the city and from various community-based organizations. You can find the media alert here, video of the press conference here, and statements from the press conference here. Continue reading

This Week in Ed 3.22.19: We’re hiring- RYH Executive Director- PLUS Chi Ed News 🏫!

Earlier in 2019 we shared the exciting news about staffing transitions in RYH and RYHA as both organizations grow. Earlier this week Raise Your Hand began the search for our next Executive Director. Now we need your help. Continue reading

We're hiring! RYH Executive Director

Downloadable and printable RYH Executive Director job description here. Continue reading

Testing Opt Out Press Conference

We joined with the Chicago Teachers Union on Tuesday, March 12, for an opt out of IAR press conference at Hernandez Middle School: “CPS test undercuts newly arrived immigrant children, charge teachers.”  Here is our 2019 Standardized Testing and Opt Out Toolkit which contains an explanation of the "new" IL state test, IL Assessment of Readiness or IAR, as well as opt out resources in both English and Spanish. Continue reading