This Week in Ed 2.8.19: Get ready for the #ZombiePARCC! 🧟

As we go through our exciting new RYH changes, we plan to send an email newsletter every other week. Please sign up to receive these newsletters here. You can read the one sent Friday, February 8, 2019, below.  Continue reading

9 Years of Fighting for TIF Reform: Tell your alderman to #RejectTheMegaTIFs

Below is an email we sent with our sister org, Raise Your Hand Action, on January 30, 2019. RYH and more recently, our sister-org, RYH Action have been leading the fight for TIF reform in Chicago for 9 years. One of our first campaigns in 2010 was delivering 5,000 letters and emails to Mayor Daley demanding he declare a TIF surplus to help plug the budget hole at CPS. This led to over $90M being returned to the schools. Continue reading

This Week in Ed 1.25.19: RYH Research Report Details Barriers to HS Access for CPS Students with Disabilities

On Wednesday, we delivered a report entitled, “High School Application and Placement for Chicago Public Schools Students with Disabilities” to the unelected CPS BOE. This 18 page report shows major barriers to CPS HS access for the most vulnerable students. For example, 31% of high schools have a minimum NWEA score requirement to apply. See the Key Findings & Recommendations and find a link to the full report here. Read our statements to the BOE when delivering this report here. Continue reading

RYH Presents Report on HS Application & Placement for CPS Students with Disabilities to the BOE, 1.23.19

At the January 2019 monthly meeting of the unelected CPS Board of Education, Raise Your Hand presented a report entitled, "High School Application and Placement for Chicago Public School Students with Disabilities." You can find a summary of the report here as well as a link to the full 18 page report. Below are the three prepared RYH testimonies given to the BOE to present the report and to explain its findings, including recommendations for the CPS district, CPS Elementary and High Schools, and CPS Parents of Students with Disabilities.  Continue reading

RYH Bookclub! Winners Take All: The Elite Charade of Changing The World

We’re excited to be hosting multiple book groups of Winners Take All- The Elite Charade of Changing the World by author Anand Giridharadas over the next few weeks! Continue reading

Exciting News for RYH and RYHA!

Over the last nine years Raise Your Hand has grown into a mighty force of empowered parents fighting to protect and strengthen public education! Continue reading

This Week in Ed 1.4.19: Happy 2019! THANK YOU, CPS Space Utilization Data, a Nursing Survey & Mayoral Forums!

Happy, Happy 2019! You are all an important part of RYH and we look forward to working with you to strengthen public education during this new year & beyond! Thank you so much for your participation AND a special shout out to all the donors who helped us raise more than $10,000 in our #RaiseOurVoices end of the year fundraising campaign! We far exceeded our goal and raised over $13,000!!! We’re also proud that we now have 43 monthly donors- we added 10 during this campaign. Wow!!! THANK YOU. Continue reading

Happy Winter Break!

  ❄️ Happy Winter Break! ❄️ Continue reading

A solid year of us do more in 2019!

People who believe in public education as a public good must remain ever ready, present, and active to defend and promote policies that protect classrooms across our city and state. Thank you for being part of building power around a variety of public education issues in 2018 Continue reading

CPS Nursing Care Survey / Cuestionario de atención de enfermería de CPS / 芝加哥公立学校 (CPS)护理服务调查问卷

(Spanish below. Español abajo. Chinese below & linked here: 芝加哥公立学校 (CPS)护理服务调查问卷 ) We are passing on this important message from Access Living: Continue reading