LSC Training/Info Sessions on Budget/SBB this Week

If you are on an LSC you should have received an email from CPS inviting you to an informational session on student based budgeting/school budgets next week. Draft school budgets were sent to schools the week before spring break, and this is a good opportunity for parents to ask questions about how SBB works.

Keep in mind that CPS says that this new method of budgeting allows for schools to have greater flexibility and autonomy in making decisions, yet what’s left out of that narrative is that without sufficient funds to cover programs, courses, and supports, this is flexibility without funding. CPS did recently increase the per pupil funding amount, but we are hearing that most schools with level enrollment will only be able to cover the cost of teacher raises and not new positions. What about these new mandates for PE and art? We need a bigger increase in per pupil funding and a broader discussion about how per pupil funding impacts the quality of our schools overall. Below is a schedule of LSC meetings:


South    Simeon HS –            4/22 6-7:30pm

             8147 S.  Vincennes Ave

SW       Back of the Yards HS  4/23  6-7:30pm

             2111 W.  47th Street

West     Westinghouse HS    4/24 6-7:30pm

            3223 W. Franklin Blvd.

NW      Schurz HS                    4/24 6-7:30pm

            3601 N. Milwaukee Ave