Kudos to CPS and CTU

We are pleased that CPS and the CTU met this week and in the process of doing so, put their legal differences aside to move forward towards planning for what the longer school day should look like for next school year. We see this as a positive step in the right direction.

We anticipate that all parties will move towards devoting energies to designing a well thought out longer day and are optimistic that this joint undertaking will yield an improved, dynamic school day for the Fall of 2012. As plans for CPS students are being crafted, we sincerely hope that the individuals planning the longer day will also focus on how their plans will be funded. Money from predictable, sustainable sources is key to ensure we have an improved curriculum for all the students of Chicago - with increased PE, art, music, language and more.  We are hopeful that all parties will work together now to ensure that their focal point remains in our schoolrooms across Chicago, where it should always be. Kudos to Karen Lewis, to Jean-Claude Brizard and to his team at CPS for joining together to start this process. It is time for all parties in Chicago who care about improving the school day for our kids to work together towards this effort.