Kellogg ES Students Advocate for Facilities Improvements

At the December 2019 monthly meeting of the CPS Board of Education, five students from Kellogg Elementary spoke about the need for investment in their school's facilities. You can read their statements at the links below. You can watch them speak one after another here, starting at 1:05:00. Kudos to these students for their advocacy! #StudentVoice!

Norah Noonan, 5th grade

We are a small neighborhood school that is truly loved. When CPS administrators walked through our school last year, they were amazed how well it has been maintained for the past 80 plus years. The school looks nice not because of any investment by CPS but by the ingenuity of the Kellogg’s facilities people.

Donato Colitto, 4th grade

Most of my class and I were exited to move to the big building, but it has some problems too. I like being in the “big building”, but I feel bad for the 3rd, 2nd, and special education classes because they have to walk in the freezing cold, or the burning hot weather just to get to their specials. The addition would replace the modular and have a cafeteria. I really hope you will help us get the addition. 

Zachary Robinson, 7th grade

I am here today asking the board to please help to make improvement at Kellogg school such as moving the lunchroom out of the gym room for more gym space, re-doing the bathroom they are 80 years old, updating the fire alarms so that they connect both buildings, at the moment it is a safety violation. 

Kristopher Houston, 7th grade

Kellogg is not ADA compliant. Meaning that students who have disabilities or experienced an incident Are unable to make use of our school by not being able to freely go to the second floor. Now you might be asking what's on the second floor. All of the middle school classes as well as the 5th grade classroom and art/library room is all on the second floor. So no matter what everyone MUST GO upstairs at least once a week.

Caleb Bailey did not have anything prepared and spoke from his heart. His speech starts at 1:13:00.

Our school is very old, as you know. Our school is 80 years old. And the bathrooms there are not the best. Some of the doors, some of the urinals always clog and are flooded. Some of the stall doors- one of our stalls is missing a door. And it's just not really, it's not very healthy. Our gym is shared with a class, a lunchroom, and an auditorium and it can be very compact.