ISBE Panel Sides with Advocates in Special Ed Probe

We are pleased to share that the IL State Board of Education (ISBE) special education panel agreed with the major assertions that 14 organizations made that CPS put in place systemic policies to delay and deny services to students since July 2016. The panel shared its findings at the ISBE board meeting today.


We now must ensure that ISBE puts strong remedies in place for corrective action. The Advocates groups (including RYH) are calling for a 5-year independent monitor to oversee special education and $10M in compensatory services, among other requests that would help ensure children and families receive necessary services.


ISBE will be sharing their remedies at their May 16th Board meeting. We will share more info on this later.

Thank you to all of the parents who filled out affidavits for this very intense investigation, the parent volunteers who generously donated their time, and all the partner organizations who worked so hard!


You can read the full ISBE report here: scroll down to “Materials Presented at the ISBE Meeting on April 18, 2018” and click on the arrow for a drop down menu of links to all the materials.


Press coverage:

WBEZ: State: Chicago ‘Delayed and Denied’ Special Ed Services For Kids

TribuneState panel says lack of training, conflicting information plagued Chicago Public Schools’ special education program

Sun-TimesState probe into special ed at CPS doesn’t go far enough: advocates


Video of the press conference before the ISBE meeting


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